Short Term Temporary Car Insurance

When thinking insurance what comes to mind is the annual full policies that most customers are exposed to. However, short term or temporary insurance covers are available to offer you the most needed coverage for a few days even just a day depending on your needs. The temporary insurance is not just available for motor vehicles, but there are insurance providers who offer the short term policies for health and other valuables that require protection for a day or a few more.

If you are a driver who is not planning to use a car for long periods, temporary car insurance schemes can be great options to full policies. The best thing about the one day insurance policies is that there is no requirement for you to be the owner of the car and it doesn’t matter whether it is insured in another person’s name. The temporary cover backs you up in situations such as when you want to borrow a friend’s car, when selling or transporting a car that is for sale or when test driving a private vehicle.

The temporary insurance covers any car make or model including classic cars, modified racers and motorhomes. You can get comprehensive cover for your car for a day or a few days, third party theft and fire coverage, and even covers for audio equipment and windscreens. The insurance policies give you the flexibility to insure your car for anywhere between a day and three months, making them suitable for a time when you want to attend events, go for holidays or take day trips with a car of your choice even if you do not own it.

When to choose the temporary insurance

Annual policies are without doubt very popular policies, but one day car insurance will come in handy when:

· Borrowing a car from a friend for a short trip

· When moving house using a friend’s car

· When visiting family or friends and private car transport is most convenient

· When using a car to collect large items like furniture

· When going out for a test drive

The benefits

· The temporary car insurance cover comes with a number of benefits and they include:

· Convenient short term cover that lasts from a day to 28 days or three months, depending on your insurance provider options. You can choose daily, weekly or monthly policies to match your needs

· No long term contracts that tie you down even when you do not really find the coverage beneficial

· Comprehensive covers that gives you peace of mind depending on your needs when using the car; you can practically have any area of concern covered by your insurance policy so you can relax and enjoy using the car

· Quick cover arrangements so you can be on the go without any unnecessary delays. Online arrangements are possible so you can print and be on the go saving you lots of time

· Possibility to tailor the policy and have the right cover at a price you find suitable and affordable