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Use of automobile sector was started after the First World War. At first, there were so many car accidents due to high-speed and so on. But lack of an insurance failed people from standing up again, because of the high costs they had to pay. Therefore a compulsory car insurance was introduced, and this was first started in the United Kingdom in 1930. Since then Cars were not allowed to drive in roads without a car insurance.

So now Auto insurance is more likely that your insurer will have to pay for your claim regarding any damage. But have you ever wondered why people pay different amounts for their insurance? It is because the amount you pay is proportional to the amount that your insurer is going to cover on behalf of you.

So somebody with an expensive car will pay more than a person having a less expensive car. Same way the one who is having a driving experience for 15 years will pay a less amount than a person who just removed their L-board. Because the chances of meeting a car accident are rare with an experienced driver than a less experienced one.

If you have insurance or if you are seeking an insurance you will come across their car insurance calculator. Women of age 25-29 will pay more than the men at that age or the men at 40-49. It also depends on the car damaged records that they have come across up to now. Car insurance premium is normally analyzed from the data taken from the past years considering age, gender, and location.

Car insurance estimation is done considering above factors

Age is a big factor when it comes to the motor insurance. Older driver will pay a less amount than a newer driver. It is depending on the experience. And also those who live in high traffic areas will have to pay more than the people who live in a less crime area. Married people will own a less premium than the single ones.

Auto insurance will not focus only about the vehicle

It will also look after about the insured party, insured vehicle, third parties like the property damages, the cost to rent for the vehicle to cover the damage, and so on. All these are under policies, and they will specify under which circumstances they will cover it for you.

Driving safely will earn you no claims or less claims

These will add a discount for your future policies. By this method, young drivers or the new drivers can lower their premium. Also by adding an experienced driver will reduce your premium if the insurer believes that the named driver will involve in accidents.

Furthermore, you can create an opportunity to improve a personal relationship with your agent, and you have the freedom to speak with the same person when you come across any problem regarding your insurance policy.

6 Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage That First-Time Car Owners Need To Know

But, it still doesn’t take away the importance of covering your car with a good auto insurance plan, since you don’t know what will happen to your car later.

For instance, in the time of a big accident, you need to pay all of the fixing up costs by yourself if you don’t cover your car with a good car insurance plan. Thus, you don’t need to pay a dime just to get your car fixed when accidents happen. It is also the same with other unexpected things, such as theft, disaster, and faulty vehicle.

Here are 6 types of auto insurance coverage that first-time car owners need to know:

1. Accidents. Accidents happen at unexpected times. It can be caused by your own recklessness, or it can be caused by the recklessness of other drivers. Also, accidents can happen because of disasters, such as floods or fire. The point is that if your car is damaged because of any accidents, the auto insurance company will cover the cost of repair for your car.

2. Faulty car. Maybe, you are driving for a few miles down the road, and then in the middle of your travel, your car is faulty. The engine is in trouble and the car cannot move, or your tire is flat. This can become quite a problem for you. But fortunately, the insurance company will cover the cost of repairing your car in this emergency situation. Some companies might also offer roadside assistance for their clients.

3. Car make and model. The make and model of your car will also affect the type of car insurance that you get. If you have a brand new car, or if you purchase a luxury car, you will have a better coverage for damage. But, you need to pay more for the premium, since it might cost more money to repair the damage of your car. This is different if you buy a second-hand car with long mileage.

4. Personal fault. Sometimes, you might be driving your car, and because of your carelessness, you might cause an accident with other cars. Other cars may sustain some damages because of the accident, and other drivers may also need to be sent to the hospital. The car insurance plan usually provides the coverage cost for the car damage or medical problems caused by your personal fault.

5. Non-insured driver. The auto insurance company also offers the coverage for non-insured driver at the time when the driver causes an accident that creates damages for other cars. In this way, you don’t need to pay all the financial burdens by yourself, since the car insurance company will cover the cost for you.

6. Driver’s experience. If you are not too experienced with cars, then you might fall into the high-risk category for the car insurance company, since you will most likely to have accidents on the road. Thus, you usually need to pay more premium costs, but in exchange for that, you get better coverage for any damage. If you are already an experienced driver, you will fall into the low-risk category, and you will pay lower insurance costs since you may not file insurance claims often.

What Is the Correct Way to Merge Into Traffic?

It is funny how some experienced drivers – and I mean drivers that have been behind the wheel for decades – still have an uneasy feeling about changing lanes or merging into heavy traffic.

If you share the lack of courage for the merge, this primer brought to you by auto insurance experts on how to do it without causing an accident will certainly be a welcome addition to your collection of must-reads on road safety.

The Right Way to Merge into another Lane

When is the right time to merge?

Pay attention to the patterns of traffic on the road. Take your time and get ready to merge ahead of time by signaling so other drivers will understand your intent. Glance at all your mirrors and check your blind spot before ascertaining the precise moment to make your merge. This will be when the traffic eases up – enough to create a sufficient gap between you and the vehicles in front and behind you. When there is a gap at least twice the length of your vehicle, you can begin to move into the next lane by duplicating or going enough over the speed of others on the road so that you will gain access into the next lane.

What if the traffic does not let up?

In the event heavy traffic does not cease and cars are going slow enough, you can communicate to the other drivers for access into the lane. You can do this either by using hand language – or if traffic is going really slowly, by lowering your car window to ask the next driver if her will allow you in.

Are there any exceptions to traffic laws for the driver who merges?

No way! Remember that every driver – even the merging driver – must obey traffic laws. Traffic laws were created by the legislatures in order to reduce the risks of collisions. In your case, this means never crossing a solid white line, yielding to others and following the set speed limits, among other things.

Anything else I need to be cautious of as I merge?

When merging, keep the 2-3 second space rule between you and the car in front of you. This helps you ease into the merge so that you will not suddenly need to reduce speed, risking an accident with others behind you who may not be prepared for your speed change.

What about immediately following the merge?

Remember to turn off your indicator signal, adjust to the speed of the traffic and keep the proper distance between your car and the one ahead of you. Just as others have demonstrated consideration towards your situation, show the same to others who may want to merge.